Graduation Look



Outfit Info


Cardigan | Prettylittlething

bodysuit | Prettylittlething

Skirt | Prettylittlething

Bag | YSL

Heels | Simmi

Hey guys! welcome back to my blog, yes it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted anything on my blog. I’ve been caught up with finishing my final year of university, as well as trying to maintain a job and a social life all at the same time. However I’m back with a new blog post and this is the look that I’ve decided to wear to my graduation in late July. I wanted to go for a bright but neutral colour theme, as appose to an all black look. I also wanted to go for a more sophisticated look because, to me this was the beginning and the start of a new chapter in my life. My whole outfit is from Prettylittlething. They have become one of my favourite online retailers ever since my first year of university. I remember going on there website to try and look for a last min outfit for a night out with my friends. They have never failed to disappoint me. This has to be one of my favourite neutral outfit which you can’t go wrong with. One of my favourite pieces of this outfit in particular is the white laced midi skirt, which funnily enough I have kept in my wardrobe for over a year, this was in hope that I would have an occasion to wear it to. If you have been following me on my socials for awhile, then you would know that it’s no surprise that I would pair this look with a fluffy pair of heels. I’ve been obsessing over them throughout the whole summer, therefore I had to get another pair, as this pair is a lot more comfy to walk in, compared to the ones that I’ve worn on my last blog post. I feel like this outfit could be ideal for a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday party, or even for a classy event. I hope you like this look as much as I do! and as always feel free to let me know what you think of this look in the comment box below.

Much Love

Kae x

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